Exercise your Craft

We are like a health club for woodworkers...
But instead of treadmills, we have table saws.


Use Our Tools. Park in your Own Garage!

Our shop has nearly $90,000 worth of professional and industrial grade equipment... you can easily spend $7,500 equipping your basement shop with small, cheap, entry level versions of what we offer!
Not to mention electrical, maintenance, and the mess. We have it covered!


Your Projects. Our Shop. No Worries.

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Fulfill your new year's resolution.

Come learn something new with us.
Take a class and "exercise" with others of like interests.

We are a fully staffed, public-access woodworking shop offering classes and access to professional grade tools .


A clean, spacious facility with a collection of professional grade equipment large enough to tackle any job. Wish you could afford that panel saw or wide drum sander? No Problem, we have it!
All maintained by us so you don’t have to worry.

Woodworking Classes

The more your knowledge grows, the more enjoyable and successful woodworking becomes. Learn about the tools and techniques, even leave our woodworking classes with a finished product.
Novice or seasoned woodworker; come grow with us.


You can solve more challenges by talking through a project with another woodworker than with endless hours spent alone in the shop.  Exercise your craft with friends and family; relax and enjoy.
Our experienced staff is there to help!

Private Instruction

Want to enhance your skills on a particular tool?  Need help figuring out a design?  Want to create a custom piece?  Many times one-on-one attention is exactly what you need to accomplish your goals.  Build the experience and confidence needed to bring your ideas to reality.
You are in good hands with our seasoned instructors.

Team Building / Private Parties

Need to relieve some stress and come together as a team?. Build camaraderie through doing something together as a group.  Too old for the bouncy house, but want to spend that special day with friends? Our custom staff-led workshops are right for your office, social group, family reunion, book club or pre-teen birthday party!

Custom Millwork

Need affordable custom millwork or fabrication services? Can’t find a replacement for that rotted out window frame for your shed or cottage? Need that 40 year old wooden dresser fixed?  We can help. Call us or stop by to see how our experienced staff of furniture and cabinet makers can help!

We made cherry/maple cutting boards at The Woodworker's Gym for Valentine's. Totally beat a fancy dinner out! Highly recommend their classes--so nice, knowledgable, and helpful.

Melissa and Ben

Had an amazing class! We felt at great ease using the shop and will definitely be back again!


My wife and I were interested in woodworking ... but had neither the tools nor the skills to get us very far. The instructors were incredibly detailed and helpful, making sure that we gained knowledge, that we used the tools ourselves, and that we did so safely. The fact that we walked out with beautiful cutting boards was icing on the cake! We "got the bug" and will definitely visit again and try to gain additional knowledge and skills.

John and Paula